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IR's Activities Latest Edit : 02/24/16

Islamic Relief (IR) is an international relief and development charity which envisages a caring world where people unite to respond to the suffering of others, empowering them to fulfil their potential. We are an independent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in the UK in 1984.

Islamic Relief Afghanistan (IRA) initiated its Afghanistan assistance in different fields such as sustainable livelihood, child welfare, women development, disaster risk reduction, emergency Response, livelihood, agriculture, health, nutrition, education, rehabilitation, irrigation and social welfare as well responding to the emergencies. Following is the activities involved during the year-2015:
Emergency Response:
Islamic Relief Afghanistan have been involved in responding the various emergencies ranging from flash floods, emergency winter assistance and earthquake during the year 2015. And to date IR Afghanistan have been able to support 4618 families or 32326 individuals with required food and non-food items. The standard packages are designed in close coordination and communication with all involved donor and partner agencies on the ground. Moreover; IR Afghanistan have been one of the strong partner to emergency response and coordination cluster in Afghanistan.
Health component has been one of the core area of intervention for IR Afghanistan, and under this component IR has completed SEHAT (supporting education through health assistance &  treatment) for 12,000 orphan’s family members and their siblings.
Moreover; IR Afghanistan provided opportunity to HIV positive patients in Mazar through HIV and addiction prevention and support program. In addition to that BHSD (basic health services   ) have been one of the most successful programs in Shotepa district of Balk province.
Through this program IR has provided basic health services to around 5000 individuals.
Seasonal Programs:
Islamic Relief Afghanistan implement seasonal programs as its organization mandate each year. During these programs (Ramadan and Quarbani) poor and vulnerable families are targeted in all those provinces where IR
Afghanistan offices have presence. This year IR Afghanistan was able to provide food packages to 4682 families or 32774
Individuals during the holy month of Ramadan. Moreover; IR Afghanistan distributed fresh meat of 3kg to 8233 families during the Eidul Adha to families who didn’t have enough resources to perform Qurbani on the EID days.
Developmental programs:
Home Based Education project for women, intervention delivers 9 months of home based education on Literacy, numeracy as  well as health
Education and micro-business information to the deprived uneducated women in Waras district of Bamyan province.
IR Afghanistan have been able to provide literacy courses to around 1800 women in Waras district. Moreover; IR Afghanistan has constructed shelters for 21 vulnerable families was living in the caves around Budha sculpture in
 Bamyan and extended water supply network for those beneficiary families in Bamyan. In Badakhshan province, Argu district for 19 land slid affected families were supported with construction and provision of shelter.
KOR  (Kabul Orphanages Rehabilitation)
This project support Orphans in Government registered orphanages. Through this project Islamic relief Afghanistan supported 780 orphans in providing quality Education, Health services, Recreation activities, Vocational training and provision of play tools for younger kids with no guardians. KOR initiatives is being implemented tahia maskan and allowddin orphanages in Kabul province.
OTO One to One Sponsorship Program:
Islamic Relief started its orphan sponsorship programme to support orphan families most in need; Islamic Relief Worldwide facilitates this initiatives for thousands of orphans globally, linking individual donors around the world to orphan families in developing countries through a modern means of tracking such as Orphanage website (Alyateem). In Afghanistan currently 2370 Orphans are sponsored through this program in Kabul, Bamyan, and Nangarhar and Balkh provinces.

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